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After much writing, re-writing, picture taking, picture editing and posting, and immeasurable growth pains in the area of understanding and effectively utilizing the world of technology of the 21st century, I have arrived somewhat shaky in my landing, but standing … Continue reading

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Nuala’s Irish Scones

My mom’s friend Nuala wrote this down from memory on a plain piece of lined school paper.  Scones were a beloved treat from her youth in Ireland. In these days of e-mail and internet recipes, some of my favorites continue … Continue reading

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Cowboy Pancakes

These pancakes remind me of what I imagine cowboys eat. A pleasant gritty texture full of flavor, served up hot from a cast iron skillet with melted butter on top and honey dripping over the sides. Whatever is not eaten … Continue reading

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A Berry Bountiful Harvest

My friend Alice, who is an inspiration to me in many areas of life, paints a vivid picture with words as she shares about blueberries.   It’s July, the month of blueberries! When I was a girl in New Jersey, … Continue reading

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Colored Bubble Adventure

No, this is not slave labor for children but rather the follow up to "washable bubbles." Beware of such labels. In the most literal sense of the word they ultimately do come off. But in many ways it reminds me … Continue reading

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“What About Bob?”

Bob–reads the same backward and forward. It is a palindrome. Most people know someone named Bob. It’s a strong name, but apparently not typically associated with a five pound pint-sized ball of white fluff. Whenever people hear his name they … Continue reading

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Wheat Free Flour Blend

I was reluctant to mix my own flour blend. It seemed so much simpler to buy it at the store. However, this recipe is actually very easy, and economical as well. Specialty flour blends can be costly. All of these … Continue reading

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Fruit Crisp

This is delicious and perfect for trying different combinations of fruit. I use anything that happens to sound good at the time. Sometimes they turn out great, other times not so great… I always learn something, even if it is … Continue reading

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  Mayonnaise is condiment that was greatly missed. After significant research, and several failed attempts that produced gloppy goo rather than the creamy goodness I was looking for, I came upon this successful rendition. Anna needs to avoid excessive egg … Continue reading

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Blueberries are Burstin’ Forth

It’s that time of year again… the low sounding hum of honey bees as they dive in and around the bushes has stilled. The berries have begun to change from a bright green to a variegated sphere of green and … Continue reading

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