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Because of Bob…

  Because of Bob, my family has spent more time this summer enjoying warm breezes in the shade… Because of Bob, the television has been on less in the evenings and one by one family members wander in the general … Continue reading

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Garlicky Green Beans

This family favorite is incredibly easy to make for a quick dinner as well as large family¬†gatherings. The technique is simple and can easily be used with other fresh vegetables such as spring asparagus and peas. After I wash, trim, … Continue reading

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Brown Rice Tortilla Crackers

Rice tortillas become a sensible addition to a “no-wheat” diet, but as good as the idea sounds, “What do you really do with them?” They don’t roll up like conventional tortillas and they break easily. We found the solution in … Continue reading

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Refrigerator Dill Pickles

The need to make dill pickles became apparent after reading labels. They all contain ingredients Anna can not have, the primary one being sugar. With a few simple modifications dill pickles are available to her once again.   2 quarts … Continue reading

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Blueberry Jam

Ten months have passed since Anna even tasted jam. Making it for her has been a challenge on two fronts: jam needs pectin to set up properly which is primarily derived from apple, and cane sugar is the typical sweetener … Continue reading

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Easy Chocolate Cake

This cake has a pleasant chocolate flavor that is reminiscent of a “light brownie.” Milk, nuts, and oil can easily be modified for individual preference. I make it with wheat when I want a wonderful brownie-like cake. Great recipe!   … Continue reading

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Hydrangeas All Abloom

The hydrangeas are putting on a spectacular summer show. From now til fall, they display an ever changing parade of colors. White turning to a multi-shade coral, vivid pink becoming a deep burgandy, bright green fading to a lighter shade … Continue reading

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Berry Delicious Lemonade

With the marvelous bounty of berries currently making their way into our kitchen and ultimately the freezer, Anna had a craving for berry lemonade. With her help we quickly put this together, and it certainly hit the spot. Let this … Continue reading

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Hooray for Holidays!

Holidays are where the heart is. They can happen as a planned event, such as Christmas or Easter, or as a spontaneous celebration of life and family… I look forward to sharing holidays my family enjoys together.

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Useful Stuff, Soon to Be Here

Thank you for your patience, for as you can see there are no posts here yet. That will soon change as I look forward to this category.  

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