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“I’ll Buy All The Vowels”

I received a phone call from my brother recently, extending an invitation to join him and his bride of thirty-seven years, for a visit to Maui… in the middle of November. Pausing briefly as I contemplated basking in warm sunshine … Continue reading

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Farewell Furry Friend

  Scooter, our loyal canine companion of over thirteen years, came to the end of his life this past week. Barely weaned from his mamma, he first arrived at our house nestled in an open cardboard box. His small, soft, … Continue reading

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Family Favorites

Dearest daughters–Elizabeth, Anna, Christy, and Fernanda, I am beginning the journey of collecting and recording the recipes you requested. My hope is I’ll do better including all the information this time, unlike when I gave Christy and Fernanda the macaroni … Continue reading

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