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Thumbprint Cookies

  This gluten free/dairy free rendition of thumbprint cookies has nice flavor, and yes, they are as big as they look in the photo due to the fact Anna likes them with lots of jam! They also have better texture … Continue reading

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Sibling Love

            A picture is worth a thousand words…                  

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Early Morning Conversations

Kally: Anna’s sweet feline companion she raised from a mere kitten, weeks old and barely weaned from her mama.   She most often is off by herself, enjoying the serene and non-threatening quiet of the barn, but she always comes … Continue reading

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Christmas Cleanup

The ambiance of a winter power outage envelops me once again, as the gentle purr of mechanical fans delivering warm air from the furnace, along with the background hum of various computers, has grown silent. While the dim light from … Continue reading

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