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After nearly thirty seven years of over-seeing a household, I have acquired tips I would like to have known years ago. With a family that “never slept”–due to five home schooled children, a husband that works from home–dishes, laundry, meals, and the required chores to sustain us never pause for even a moment. Bedtime became a respite as the children got older, but I longed for and desperately needed as many short cuts as I could possibly devise.

With that in mind, I am always eager to share things I have learned with anyone that might listen. Ideas that can make days full of activities of life run more smoothly without compromising the final result are a treasure. Time is a precious commodity especially when the cheery commotion and chaos of a loving family fill the air with sweet laughter.

As the years have passed and I draw from the reserve of tips and techniques I have collected I often hear myself say, “Did you know? ”

Veterans Day

For my children and grandchildren:               My dad, who was part of a selfless generation of men and women who valiantly paid the price for the precious freedom we have.      

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Welcome To My World…

Chainsaws & Parachutes has taken numerous twists and turns since I began my journey of documenting recipes to accommodate my daughter, Anna’s, food sensitivities. Yet, throughout my quest there remains a constant: in one form or another, it reflects my … Continue reading

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Home-School 101

  Having successfully completed the journey of home-schooling five children, I learn more from my experience as the years go by. A few things continue to stand out… Everybody’s brain is wired in a unique way. As teachers, we present … Continue reading

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Wednesday Gifts

  You may wonder what Wednesdays and gifts have in common, to which I respond “Everything!” The concept of a Wednesday gift is a familiar expression in my family and was purchased at a dear price by my husband along … Continue reading

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Carob’s alias… Locust Bean

  Being careful to avoid carob for over a year I was greatly surprised to discover “locust bean” and carob are one in the same. A friend shared this bit of news with me which shed enormous light on why … Continue reading

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New Year… New Vision

After one year of careful food preparation, my daughter Anna is walking in a level of healing we could barely imagine when we started down the road of modified eating due to food sensitivities. In addition to being more healthy … Continue reading

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One Year Later…

What a difference a year makes… After an enormous shift in my daughter’s eating along with her willingness to faithfully adhere to dietary restrictions, she is much healthier, her skin is happy, she has considerably more energy, does not require … Continue reading

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Fruit Flies B’Gone

  With autumn upon us, the apple trees jettison over-ripe cargo and fruit flies are seemingly everywhere. But their demise is now assured as a man in the produce department shared the secret of controlling a fruit fly invasion, and … Continue reading

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Penzeys Cocoa Powder

    Quality matters when baking with limited ingredients. I used numerous cocoa powders before trying Penzeys’ Natural High Fat Cocoa Powder which gives a rich dark chocolate flavor to baked goods and is a nice addition in recipes. If … Continue reading

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Pot Roast 101

Over the years, I tried numerous recipes as I endeavored to make the perfect pot roast. While some recipes were simple and others complicated, the meat always seemed to turn out either tough or flavorless, and oftentimes both. I eventually … Continue reading

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