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Veterans Day

For my children and grandchildren:               My dad, who was part of a selfless generation of men and women who valiantly paid the price for the precious freedom we have.      

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Evan Alexander

Welcome to the family Little Evan. You are loved by Aunties, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Mom, Dad… but most of all Jesus. He loves you with an everlasting love and will never leave you nor forsake you. I pray you grow … Continue reading

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“It Was Fun!”

A soft spot resides in my heart for the cool, emerald-green waters of the Clackamas River. Steadily flowing downward toward the ocean it playfully maneuvers around and over the securely anchored rocks. Seeming to pause for a rest, the water … Continue reading

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Valentine Mystery

Sorting through miscellaneous stationery from my mom’s collection of unused notecards, I discovered this delightful Valentine’s Day greeting. It’s sweet, simple, and was purchased for the very affordable price of 45 cents… and to think I am always on the … Continue reading

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Baby Emma

The New Year has welcomed the arrival of a very small rosy-cheeked precious package for my oldest son and his wife. A sweet tiny girl has come into the lives of four cherished “Little Men” between the ages of two … Continue reading

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Moving Playground

  As I stand at my kitchen sink looking out the large window before me, I take in a vista of metal barns, a slightly aging chicken coop that was moved “Egyptian style” on a cold rainy day across the … Continue reading

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Trout Fishin’

The excitement of feeling the first tug that suddenly jerks a “Huckleberry Finn” fishing pole baited with a common earthworm is thrilling when you are four, six, eight, or even older… The water was not a wild untamed river but … Continue reading

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Because of Bob…

  Because of Bob, my family has spent more time this summer enjoying warm breezes in the shade… Because of Bob, the television has been on less in the evenings and one by one family members wander in the general … Continue reading

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