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Veterans Day

For my children and grandchildren:               My dad, who was part of a selfless generation of men and women who valiantly paid the price for the precious freedom we have.      

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Christmas Spritz

With a hint of light green, these almond flavored spritz stir memories from my youth…   tinted sugar sprinkled on top, my mom lovingly baked them every Christmas and are now a favorite of my children. My dear friend, Jennifer, who … Continue reading

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Cheese Crackers

I stumbled upon this recipe many years ago when my oldest child, Tommy, was a baby. For no particular reason I only make them around the holidays, and part of the tradition is “volunteering” someone to grate the mountain of … Continue reading

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Holiday Cranberries

With the holidays approaching traditional recipes are making their way out of my “special drawer” where they are safely stored… albeit sometimes buried. As Thanksgiving nears I fetch the familiar glass bowl hidden in my mom’s dining buffet, and wistfully … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Cake

Anna’s love affair with cake was strained to the breaking point due to the limited availability of cake that met her dietary needs. Locating a bakery that specializes in tasty GF items can be a challenge along with being hard … Continue reading

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Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

My recipe book contains several hand written copies of this recipe; yet each one is recorded with different variations… such was life before copiers and computers. For the sake of my family, here is the correct version of your grandma’s … Continue reading

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Yummy Pancakes

With a few modifications, this recipe can be both GF and dairy-free. What a delicious way to start the day: warm pancakes topped with buttery spread and real maple syrup! And for a special summertime surprise, add a few fresh … Continue reading

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“Creature From The Mixing Bowl”

I kept hearing stories describing heavenly fluff in the form of homemade marshmallow, and I was hoping to successfully prepare the gooey treat for my family. Not being a fan of marshmallow means I don’t make s’mores voluntarily, and if … Continue reading

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Mom’s Cabbage Salad

Family and friends gathered together on a hot, humid afternoon in August 1985, to join in a surprise 40th Anniversary Party for my parents. The cabbage salad, which was new and popular at the time, was quite a hit! I … Continue reading

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Cooking With John

Inspiration for cooking dinner does not always appear as afternoon slips into evening, but recently I had a new recipe to try along with some spring asparagus that needed to be rescued from the vegetable bin before it landed in … Continue reading

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